The City

This city
with countless people
like stars
some dim
some bright
some dying
never sleeps

Its voices
like waves
lost in
deep ocean

like serpents
drink lives
no mercy
no plea

like moths
search brightness

This city never sleeps,
its voices unheard,
city-roads dead,
road-lights flicker.


He Often Wonders: American Sonnet

His twinkling eyes, reflect a truthful soul,
Wondering about this world created by the god,
Life on along with human puppets in pods,
Goodness of his thoughts flawlessly rolls.

Often he thinks, what life is all about?
Is it just to live and flow as directed?
Or accomplish something to be respected?
But, nothing goes in life as expected,
and we are tied down by so many doubts.

The secrets of the universe,
Enchant and amaze him more,
Stars, galaxies, planets galore,
Will there be any perfect shore?
Often he wonders where these thoughts will submerge?

American Sonnet: a. b. b. a .c. d. d. d. c .e. f. f. f. e.



As I lay on the forest floor, 
gazing at the starry sky,
I wonder about the blessings,

                 ~that are numerous,
                   than the stars passing by.

The sodden forest ground,
the smell of ferns and fronds,
chirping night voices,

~ earth's blessings,
   and bond,
   with creatures roaming along.

Soft brumal winds,
their tinkling hints,
snowflakes floating around,
jewels of wintry crown,

~ seasonal blessings,
   showered down.


Unforgettable Journey of Life

This journey of life

a tale of joy
a tale of sorrow
endlessly lingering
afflatus of tomorrow

This journey of life

a wish fulfilled
a love denied
a friendship instaurated
with promises to abide

This journey of life

silently hides
          invisible blessings
          and prayers inside


The Feeling Of You

Don’t know,
when your thoughts were seeded in me?

May be in previous life,
may be from many past births.

Slowly those thoughts,
transformed into your faded silhouette.

Yearnings for you grew day by day,
wanting to meet you in every way.

One day you stood,
before me,
songs echoed from paradise,
waves from ocean were on the rise.

You were,
injured and hurt,
 from commotions of the world.

May be one day,
I would be able to heal you.
May be one day,
we would be together.
May be one day,
you would be mine forever.


The Stormy Night

That one stormy night,
when I saw your bright eyes,
my life was never the same,
call it a whim, a fancy or give it any name.

You were lost in the rain,
drenched with past pain.
We made our way out,
from that stormy night,
but, my life was never the same,
call it a whim, a fancy or give it any name.

I wait for you,
my eternal sunshine,
like a leaf,
that waits for the morning dew,
to touch and glisten the leaf in its hue.


The Stars Are With Me Tonight

            the sky is a dark yard,
            and the moon dimly lit alone,
            all the lullabies of the night are silent,
cicadas quiet,          
fireflies not glowing bright.
There is stillness in the night,
for the stars are with me tonight.