November 30, 2014

What Hides In Her?

Her eyes,
hide tears,
waiting to spill out,
a flood of emotions.

In her heart,
hides a secret lover,
wishing to breathe out,
and care for her love.

Her palms,
hold a promise,
of happy endings,
kept safe for ages.

In her mind,
thoughts roam,
simple and complex,
yearning to fly free.

Let her out,
let her feel joy,
let her live life.

November 29, 2014

A Woman’s Love

A woman’s love is……..
gentle autumn leaf,
when awake gives peace,
when falls gives nourishment.

A woman’s love is……..
glacial ice sheet on a lake,
when frozen insulates life,
when melts, life teems.

A woman’s love is……..
fragrant flowery zephyr,
flowing effortlessly,
breathing life in every atom.

A woman’s love is……..
zest of spring shower,
layering all the corners,
uplifting trodden souls.

November 28, 2014

She Is A Woman

She may be tender,
as a butterfly’s wing,
but mesmersies the world,
when she sings.

Her heart may be soft,
as a light- beam,
but when she shines,
you glow with gleam.

She may seem docile,
as a jungle doe,
but without her,
you are lost.

Her fragile existence
as a patterned shawl,
protects you in every season,
be it winter, summer, rain or fall.

Respect her for who she is,
and not what she is,
life’s shades are because of her,
for she is a woman.

November 25, 2014

Winter : Balassi Stanza

Ivory paradise
charmingly entices.
Powdery crystalline dew,
spread all over on earth,
sips old life for new birth,
replacing those who once grew.
Achromatic painting,
by nature, for changing.
Life celebrates and renews.
Eternal emotions,
life’s essential potions
   buried in isolation.
Waiting for warm feelings,
yearning peaceful healing,
needing love’s insulation.
Tucked in ice, perfect,
nothing can thaw except,
angelic adoration.
Balassi Stanza :Rhyme Scheme : bbaccadda; Syllable count: 667667667 

November 14, 2014

A Painting: Cinquain

If I,
be a painter,
I’ll paint you happiness,
azalea, iris, orchids and
smiling ,
at every day.
A perfect painting, with,
a desire to paint you, only,
If I.........
Cinquain:5 lines progressing, 2 syl's, 4 syl's,6 syl's, 8 syl's then back to 2 syl's. Same goes for subsequent stanzas. Last line ending as the first line in case of more than one stanza.

November 12, 2014

Autumn - Dreams : Ya Du

Colourful bliss,
nature’s kiss, of
love is this to,
smother hues on,
our hearts when its all gone.
                                                                                                                      Dreams of autumn,
                                                                                                                      now forgotten, as
                                                                                                                      soft cotton fibers,
                                                                                                                      woven spider web,
                                                                                                                     autumn dreams to far ebb.

Ya Du (Burmese Poetry Form)  : 4 syllable lines and a fifth of 5, 7, 9,or 11 syllables. The staircase rule applies to the four lines, and the last syllable of the fourth and fifth line must rhyme.There should be reference to the seasons since the word yadu means "the seasons”.

November 11, 2014

A Love of Winter

Floating strands of memories,
flow on time’s river.
Leaving trails of reveries,
a love of winter.

                       Fallen leaves fly to unknown turf,
                       wish to embrace the sky,
                       with destinies tied to earth,
                       no one to hear them cry.

                                           Long gone are summer birds,
                                           their songs lost somewhere,
                                           I search them in my words,
                                           try to catch  their whiff in air.

                                                                           White sheet of freeze,
                                                                           blankets till horizon,
                                                                           withers hills, pines, trees,
                                                                           a love of winter vanishes in horizon............

November 9, 2014

When You Say Nothing

When you say nothing,
I can still hear your whispers,
riding on the winds,
your heart beats, your thoughts,
connect to me , like they have been for the past many lives.
Your love - a shadow of moon,
The deep tremors resonating within you,
I feel in here.
This mist around,
allow me to vaporize,
transforming to glowing fireflies,
lighting the surroundings, clearing the darkness.
An angel of god you are,
I have come too far,
there’s no turning back for me,
for my soul is bound to thee.
If you want to be the ship roaming vast blue ocean,
let me be the wind flowing along.
A castle you have made around yourself,
to be away from this world,
but at its door, you ‘ll find me waiting.
I can wait for a thousand years to be with you,
and hear your voice calling my name.

November 2, 2014

One Kind of Love : Collins Sestet

You reside in me forever,
your memories leave me never,
happiness I wish to give,
for the lifetime we have to live
this love is one of its kind,
very hard to define.

My gestures of devotion,
stir inside you a sea of commotion,
how can I calm your turmoil,
let me wrap you in my protective coil,
this love is one of its kind, 
very hard to define.

You are my glowing pearl,
around you my emotions swirl,
I wish to epitomize unconditional love,
resonating the earth and heaven above,
this love is one of its kind, 
very hard to define.

The Collins Sestet has : (1) rhyming couplets, that create a (2) sestet, but the last line of each stanza also repeats a line, phrase or word to link it with the next stanza.